Taking the hassle out of overseas trading for manufacturing

Protect profits and save on foreign exchanges

  • Instant rates and same-day transfers – manage your payments online 24/7
  • Competitive rates for 35 currencies across over 130+ countries
  • FCA regulated and full transparency on what you pay

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        Keep your operations running efficiently by managing your currency exposure

        For industries like manufacturing that rely heavily on importing and exporting, big swings in the currency market can leave your profits at risk. With our easy-to-use online payment platform, you can manage all your foreign transactions in one place.

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        Reduce your risk to currency fluctuations with a forward contract

        Global currency markets are moving more than ever before, making it harder to predict the costs of exchanges and plan for your cash flow. To protect you from future financial or political unrest, we’ll use a forward contract to fix a price for a future exchange.

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        Accurately predict your overseas business’ buying and selling costs

        With a forward contract, you can secure the amount of currency you know you’ll require ahead of time, giving you peace of mind when making business-critical transactions. If you need any help, our currency experts will guide you through every step of your exchange.

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